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Staff and Sales Representatives at Riverside Panoz


Riverside Panoz has a dedicated staff of on-site sales representatives with a uniquely intimate knowledge of Panoz Auto and the Esperante.

Our proximity to the Panoz Auto Development Facility in Hoschton, Georgia, has allowed our staff to forge a close relationship with the Panoz team, from owner, Danny Panoz, right down to the skilled craftsmen that hand-assemble your vehicle.

Nowhere else in the country will you find a more knowledgably or more passionate sales staff than at Riverside Panoz.

Dedicated Staff Andrew Fascholtz

Andrew Fahsholz

Andrew has been around high performance automobiles since his stood knee high to a piston shaft. His passion for automotive excellence led him to Riverside Panoz in 2003.

Since joining the team at Riverside Panoz he has quickly earned a reputation as a knowledgeable salesman that can get things done! With his background in auto racing and experience with the Panoz Auto line, Andrew was ideally suited to assume the responsibilities of Marketing Director for Riverside Panoz in August of 2005.

You won't find a more dedicated and hard working advocate to help you get the behind the wheel of a new Panoz than Andrew.

Phone (Office): 800-684-1942
Email: Email Andrew

Dedicated Staff Terry Tiller

Terry Tiller

Terry's automotive career spans nearly three decades. Graduating from Mercer University in 1978, Terry began work immediately as a Factory Rep for Ford Motor Company. Twenty-seven years of automotive expertise has ideally shaped Terry to assume the reins as General Manager for both Riverside Ford and Riverside Panoz.

With his detailed knowledge acquired working directly with Ford Motor Company and his industry relations that span a wide spectrum from CEO to line mechanics, Terry knows what it takes to get the job done!

With Riverside Panoz's proximity to the Panoz Auto Development facility, Terry has been able to developed a close relationship with the manufacturer that directly benefits his customers. He and his staff would love to include you in that relationship as the owner of a new Panoz.

Phone (Office): 800-684-1942
Email: Email Terry Tiller

Hours and Directions to Riverside Panoz

Panoz Automotive is just 90 minutes from Atlanta, making it convenient to just about anywhere in the Southeast.
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